Welcome to experience the healing power of music and yoga 22.04 godz.20-22

Come and experience the workshop where you get to practice yoga with live music on the background.
We will start the workshop singing a mantra all together to tune us all into the same safe space.
After the mantra we will begin the dynamic vinyasa yoga practice which carries a heart-opening and a grounding theme.
The beautiful sound landscape will allow you to really melt into the moment and into your own heart by letting the sounds pass through you. Towards the end of the asana practice we slow down for some yin yoga poses and prepare our bodies and minds for the long relaxation part. While you relax, Sari and Daga will sing some traditional finnish music accompanied by magical kantele, which is the national instrument of Finland. They will also sing mantras before the sound landscape calms you down with the singing bowls.
We will finish the workshop by singing mantras together to open our hearts and to connect with our own powerful voices.

Sari Hellman has been yoga instructor for over six years in Finland and some other parts of the world. For her yoga practice is a language of the body and by learning it we have the possibility to become truly aware of our natures and of who we are. In her classes you can safely explore what is happening right at the moment in your body and in your mind.
Sari teaches various styles of yoga but for this particular practice she wants to bring the dynamics of vinyasa yoga and for the balance some elements of yin yoga.
Music is a big part of Sari's life and she feels that this universal language has the ability to heal us in levels that we are not even aware of in daily living. The music touches us deeply and once we combine the practice of yoga and healing music the result might be really openingn and relaxing.

Sari: yoga, vocals, kantele; Daga: singing, adjustments ; Eryk: sitar; Mariusz: guitar, singing bowls, sampler

This workshop will be held in English.

PLN 40; pay by cash with booking a place or on the day of the workshop. the number of places is limited

Contact: Dom Kultury Jogi Julia Durkiewicz
mobile: 502 755 650 e-mail: kontakt@domkulturyjogi.pl

See you on the mat !