Katonah Yoga Workshop 3.10.2020

Manu Huber – Yoga Teacher
(Katonah®, Vinyasa & Functional Yoga at www.TimoWahl.de; Personal Yoga Teacher)

12:00 – 13:30 – Theory of Katonah Yoga®
13:30 – 14:00 – A short break
14:00 – 15:30 – Practice of Katonah Yoga®

KatonahYoga® is a syncretic Hatha Yoga practice developed by its founder Nevine Michaan, who 40 years ago incorporated classical Hatha Yoga with the theory and philosophy of Daoism. Using maths and geometry as foundation for the alignment of the body, while practicing the body becomes a map, where we use body own specific landmarks and orientation points in order to get to know our body in a new way and find a structure and a natural fit into our Body.
Metaphor and imagination are tools for our well-being not only on the mat, but for our whole life.
The practice is used to gain a natural framework designed to potentiate personal growths in order to create visions out of our abilities and live a joyful life.

First in theory we will approach our body with the concept of „Body as a house“, a house with three floors, nine rooms and ten doors. We will approach the so called Magic Square as a concept to find all those rooms with their very specific meaning in a useful and practical way and get familiar also with parts of our body, we`ve maybe never been before.
In the second part of the workshop we will focus on getting those KatonahYoga® concepts and ideas on the mat, exploring the first floor of our house, the celler with the boiler room, the lower part symbolizing stability and our DNA. Climbing up into second floor, our living room with the lungs symbolizing the windows which we open to breath and to get fresh air in, our abilities in which we grow. The third floor of our house is our head upwards where we have the roundabout view and gain for our visions to become fulfilled.
By practicing we take measure within our own body and we use cross-reference techniques for the alignment of the Yoga Asanas. By using all those technique and by getting out of our usual habit, we reconstruct and reframe our body and rise into higher abilities.

So leave your comfort zone – make your life more joyful!
So important, nowadays even more!

Theory & practice will be held in Engish.
Happy to see you on the mat!

Cost: 220,-PLN
Payment at Dom Kultury Jogi or on the account no PKO BP S.A. 85 1020 4027 0000 1902 1328 6101

Contact: Dom Kultury Jogi
e-mail: kontakt@domkulturyjogi.pl
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