11.11.2019 godz.16-18.30 Energy balancing practice

Join us for a yogic journey through the chakras.
In a holistic approach, In a holistic approach, the main line responsible for life energy runs along the spine. On its length there are energy points - chakras. Smooth flow - these are effective chakras, health and balance in individual areas:
MULADHARA - foundation, grounding, consistency
SVADHISTHANA - joy, creation, experience
MANIPURE - courage, strong center, self-confidence
ANAHATA - love, acceptance, sharing
VISHUDDHA - truth, self-expression, transparency
ANJA - vision, intuition, observation
SAHASRARA - consciousness, spirituality

Registration for this class - personally, by e-mail or fb untill 10.11
This class will be held partly in English.